Proposals to build a 119 panel ‘solar farm’


European Energy Photovoltaics Limited have put in a planning application to build a large solar farm in South Reston

The plans, which were validated in September, would see 119 solar PV panels being built on land north of High Leas Farm in Willoughby Lane.

The 119 panels would be a maximum height of 2.6 metres together with support structures, a temporary compound, access point and track, DON substation, weather station, 13 security cameras and fencing to a maximum height of 2.1 metres for the generation of approximately 6.5 MW generating capacity.

If the application is successful, the solar panels would be operational over a 25 year period.

Drainage Board and Environmental Health consultees raised no objections to the plans, while the Economic Development Officer stated that it is within a Great Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership’s priority sector (renewables).