Sewer improvements ‘ahead of schedule’

Anglian Water news.
Anglian Water news.
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Following concerns from members of the public that improvement works in Louth’s Ramsgate Road have been halted, Anglian Water has confirmed that work is continuing as planned - and is even ahead of schedule.

An Anglian Water spokesman said: “The workers are not on site at the moment as they’re actually ahead of schedule, and they’re currently waiting for a delivery of sheet piles before they can continue.”

“They will continue with the work next week. In the meantime, they’ve been working down at Riverhead.”

The next stage of the work on Ramsgate Road will include the installation of a large chamber which will significantly increase the capacity of the sewer network.

As planned, there will be a break over December and January to allow the Malt Kiln demolition in Newbridge Hill to make further 

The second phase of Anglian Water’s work in Ramsgate Road is due to resume in February 2015.