Eric Gordon Blades

THE funeral service for Eric Gordon Blades, 73, was held on August 8 at St Mary’s Church, North Somercotes.

The service was conducted by Canon Stephen Holdaway.

Funeral arrangements were by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services (inc. V. Walker Funeral Services), Queen Street Place, Louth.

Family mourners: Mrs Joyce Blades wife, Mr Steven Blades son, Mrs Sheena Dupree partner, Mrs Sharon Hammond daughter, Mr Mark Hammond son-in-law, Mr Peter Blades son, Mrs Elaine Blades daughter-in-law, Miss Kerry Martin granddaughter, Miss Charlotte Martin granddaughter, Miss Vicky Martin granddaughter, Master Alfie Blades grandson, Mrs Myra Blades sister-in-law, Mrs Rita Parker sister-in-law, Miss Jane Teige niece, Tracy Eddington and Gordon Dowson niece and partner, Mr and Mrs Anita and Kevin Martin niece and husband, Mr and Mrs John and Irene Crabb cousin, Mr Roy Twigg cousin, Mr John Blades Nephew.

Other mourners: Miss Kath Humberstone, Mrs Betty Wilson, also rep John Wilson, Mr Gordon Wray, Miss Cynthia Wray, also representing Jonathan, Jane and Jamie, Mrs Viv Draper, Mr and Mrs Roland and Ann Plaskitt, Mr and Mrs Ken and Pam Hewson, Mrs Stephanie Elvidge, also rep Trevor Hobson, Mrs Diana Etherington, also rep Robert Etherington, Mr and Mrs Douglas and Marie Hadley, Mrs Lily Lomas, Mr and Mrs Christopher and Mavis Stubbs, Mr and Mrs Paul and Sarah Wright, Mrs Jean Walton, also rep Kathryn, Mr and Mrs Ray and Jean Marshall, also rep Roy Marshall, Mr and Mrs Ray and Rosemary Browning, Mr Gordon Ward, Mrs Pat Hammond, Mrs Jacqui Stone, Mr Colin Pinder, Mr Keith Sharpe, Mr Joe Stanhope, Mrs Barbara Bishell, rep the Bishell family and Miss Beatrice Grantham, Mr and Mrs Simon and Ann Barker, Mrs Sandra Brewer, also rep. Peter Tuxworth, Mrs Tuxworth, also rep Neil and Carole, Mrs Rose Stanhope, Mr and Mrs Roger and Alice Maidens, rep the North Somercotes Methodist Chapel, Mr and Mrs Norman and Sheila Riggall, Mr and Mrs Brian and Nora McCoy, Mr Mark Grantham, Miss Lisa Shepherd, Mr and Mrs Eric and Jean Rodgers, rep the Rodgers family, Mr and Mrs William and Joan Grantham, rep the Grantham family, Mr and Mrs Robin and Joan Foyster, Mr Lowery, Mr Karl Koslow, Mrs Brenda Last, also rep Harry Thomsen, Mr Peter Clothier, Mrs Pauline Stones, also rep Andrew, Mr Craig Marks, Valerie and Ann Archer, Mr Stuart Jameson, also rep Giles Jameson, Mrs Victoria Hopper, Mr Brian Hills, Mr Chris Noble, rep the Environment Agency, Mrs S. Noble, Mr John Kennedy, Mrs Pat Turner, also rep Lorraine Green, Mrs Avril Smith, rep Smith and Stones, and the Roger Gott Dental Surgery, Mrs Julia West, rep the West family and the Roger Gott Dental Surgery, Mr and Mrs B. Donner, Mr Brian Kirkby, Mr Cliff Grantham, Mr Chris Jones, Mr and Mrs Sams, also rep Celia Taylor and Fred Miller, Mr Stephen Bromfield, also rep Audrey Bromfield, Mr and Mrs George and Myra Phillips, Mr and Mrs Phil and Sue Winn, Dr Stanhope, Miss Ellie Stanhope, Mrs Violet Dickinson and friend.