Euro is ‘doomed’

SIR Peter Tapsell MP has warned that the Euro and the European Union could be ‘doomed’.

Speaking in the House of Commons after David Cameron returned from using his veto in Europe the Louth and Horncastle MP told the Prime Minister: “May I declare my admiration and full hearted support for my right honourable friend at this definitive moment in his first premiership, and query whether this Brussels summit achieved anything of strategic value to protect the threatened European banking system?

“Without the long delayed and still unpromised massive support of the European Central Bank and the Bundesbank, the euro is doomed (at this point MPs shouted: “Doomed!”) Yes, doomed - and as Chancellor Merkel has said, the European Union is doomed with it.”

David Cameron replied: “I certainly agree with my right honourable friend on the balance of effort that has been given.”