Experts claim church is paranormal paradise

ST BOTOLPH'S Church in Skidbrooke is among the most haunted spots in Lincolnshire and is a centre for unexplained paranormal activity, according to experts.

Last week, The Leader revealed how the isolated, abandoned church had been claimed by Satanists.

Now the Bassetlaw Ghost Research Group, based in Retford, has claimed to have captured weird images on video in the 13th century church.

Parapsychologist David Wharmby said: "It's a very haunted church. We have found very strange phenomena we just can't explain."

The 15-strong team of paranormal investigators roam Lincolnshire and Norfolk in search of evidence of ghosts.

They said, at St Botolph's last summer, night-vision cameras recorded images of up to 200 'rods' - cylindrical objects travelling at high speed in the skies.

Mr Wharmby said they were the first ever sighting in Britain after they were first discovered in America last century.

He said: "They are about four inches to a foot in length and are not visible to the naked eye. They could be flying insects, aliens or something of a paranormal nature.

"We have not seen anything like it, but Lincolnshire is full of mystery."

Parapsycologists, ghostbusters and crackpots have been drawn to Skidbrooke since the 1970s, he said.

He said: "We went to Skidbrooke with an open mind and were very scientific.

"We heard many strange unaccountable noises, saw flashes in the sky when the weather was calm and experienced weird feelings. We saw small babies among the gravestones and grass."

Behind St Botolph's, he said, lie the ruins of an old abbey.

He said: "We have had reports of people seeing apparitions of monks and there is much folk law surrounding Skidbrooke Church, including spells, witchcraft and about it being put under a curse.

"It's very intriguing."

A village resident, who asked not to be named, said she had asked a priest to bless her home because of the strange goings-on.

She said: "I felt such bad vibes. The whole place really freaked me out.

"People may think it's a load of nonsense, but there is such a thing as black magic and it's dangerous."