‘Eyesore’ at Westgate Fields after disruption to water network upgrade

The compound at Westgate Fields, including a large mound of earth in the background.
The compound at Westgate Fields, including a large mound of earth in the background.
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A vital upgrade to Louth’s water network has been left at a standstill for more than two months following a house fire - which has resulted in an ‘eyesore’ at Westgate Fields.

Anglian Water began their work at Westgate Fields back in July, to install a new water main to improve the network and supply water to new homes in the Fulmar 
Drive area of Louth.

The scene of the house fire in Westgate.

The scene of the house fire in Westgate.

However, no work has been carried out there since November, despite contractors’ equipment being left in a compound on the site.

This raised questions at Louth Town Council’s meeting earlier this month, with Coun Jill Makinson-Sanders referring to it as an ‘eyesore’.

Coun Makinson-Sanders added that residents have complained about the nearby road breaking up, creating puddles, and new yellow lines being put down on the road in areas of Westgate where there were previously none.

Following the meeting, an Anglian Water spokesman said that they had to stop work on November 13 as their next phase of work - which involves digging up the road and laying new pipes - needs to take place in the vicinity of a house in Westgate which suffered a serious fire back in October.

The building is currently surrounded by scaffolding, and Anglian Water are unable to continue with their work until this has been removed.

A highways manager said it is not yet known when the scaffolding will be removed.

He said: “The scaffolding will need to remain in place until the necessary repairs are made.

“As this is a Grade 2 listed building, that process is likely to take some time.

“In light of this, we have had to introduce a temporary parking restriction to ensure the road remains passable – that is why there are new yellow lines there.

“We will be investigating what is causing the puddles on the road, although at this stage we don’t believe it is an immediate safety concern.”