Fall in crimes reported in Louth and Mablethorpe

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The ‘relentless’ pursuit of criminals has seen a sharp reduction in crimes reported to Lincolnshire Police in and around Louth and Mablethorpe this year.

According to figures given to the Leader by the force, crimes reported in Louth have fallen over a fifth and in the rural surroundings they are down over 30 per cent.

The police force covering East Lindsey has recorded a 17.4 per cent reduction between April 1 and October 18, but this improves further when drilling down into more local figures.

Crime in Louth is down 20.9 per cent, or 129 less offences than the same period in 2011, and 32.1 per cent, or 120 less offences, in the surrounding rural areas.

Crime in Mablethorpe has fallen by 25.8 per cent, or 190 less offences than the same period in 2011.

Overall East Lindsey’s policing team are responsible for the largest reduction in crime of any district in Lincolnshire.

Chief Inspector Daryl Pearce, covering the Wolds and the coast, believes the results show crime can still be fought proactively despite falling budgets.

He said the ‘relentless’ targeting and imprisoning of a ‘small minority of criminals’ helped cut burglaries across East Lindsey by 36 per cent, or 87 incidents, but admitted that ‘every burglary is one too many’.

Non-residential burglaries fell by 35.8 per cent, including caravans, a notorious target for thieves. “This was a particularly good result, at the start of the season we captured a team of caravan burglars who were responsible for over 40 offences,” said Ch Insp Pearce.

The figures for Lincolnshire Police as a whole in the period June 2011 to June 2012 were more modest, with a reduction of eight per cent for residential burglaries and no change for non-residential burglaries.

‘Proactive intelligence’

Violent crime is down by 18 offences on last year in East Lindsey. Ch Insp Pearce said: “We are doing some analysis to understand the nature of the assaults which can be categorised around those that are involved with the night time economy and those that happen around the domestic dwelling.

“Very, very few of those assaults involve an attack by a stranger and the analysis will help us make sure we focus our attention on the right types of violence and in the right areas. I also haven’t lost sight of the fact there was a reduction in violence the year before.”

However the East Lindsey team have recorded an increase in drug possession and drug supply. Overall in Lincolnshire drug offences saw an increase of one per cent for June 2011 to June 2012.

“This is actually as a result of proactive intelligence-led police work and is a good thing as we know dependency on drugs leads to the commission of acquisitive crime,” he said.

“These results are particularly encouraging at a time when all agencies are seeing reductions in budgets and demonstrates what can still be achieved when resources are effectively deployed towards community priorities,” Mr Pearce concluded.

Lincolnshire Police saw decreases in every crime except non-residential burglaries, fraud and forgery, drug offences and ‘other offences’.

Double-digit falls were recorded by the force in violence against the person (without injury), sexual offences, robbery and criminal damage.

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