Family tributes to ‘kind and caring’ crash victim

THE FAMILY of a man who was killed when his car left the road and ended up in a ditch have paid tribute to him as a ‘unique, selfless man’.

Andrew Cockrill, 51, of North Cotes died after the accident in Tetney Lock Road, Tetney, on Monday, February 7.

Mr Cockrill worked as a forklift truck driver for Youngs Seafood in Grimsby.

He met his long-term partner, Andrea, when they both worked for Lincs Turkeys Ltd 17 years ago.

Andrea, who works as an Infection Control Nurse at Grimsby Hospital, said: “I desperately wanted to start nursing training but it obviously required leaving full time employment.

“Andrew encouraged me all the way and supported us both while I studied. He was so proud when I qualified.”

His passions included fishing, shooting and camping and he was also very skilled with his hands, building model aircraft and crafting walking sticks for family and friends.

Andrea said: “We would travel all over with our caravan visiting country shows and game fairs. Andrew would look at some of the craft stalls and say, ‘I could make that’ and then he would come home and craft something even better. His shed was like his second home”.

Music was another important thing in his life and he was especially keen on heavy metal, saying watching Ozzie Osbourne in concert was a special highlight.

He could often be heard singing and joked that the best way to sing was ‘loud and proud’.

He was devoted to his mother Edna who lives in North Thoresby and was also very close to his mother-in-law who lives close by.

Andrea said: “In the terrible bad weather this winter, when we were all snowed in, Andrew would walk to their houses to make sure they were alright and to take them their papers and shopping.

“His family was so important to him and he was the most kind and caring man to us all.

“He and our dog, Ruby, were inseparable and she is fretting terribly.

“We can’t take in what has happened. Andrew was one in a million.”