Farewell to manager at Louth St Andrew’s Children’s Hospice shop

St Andrew’s Children’s Hospice store in Louth has said farewell to its popular manager, Rachael Lewis.

Rachael has been there since the Queen Street shop was opened by Barbara Dickson and hospice patient Liam Wasserman and his family in 2006.

Due to family illness she is moving back to her home town of Swadlincote.

During the last six years Rachael has had some very difficult times, including the loss of her husband and severe illnesses affecting both her sons.

She said: “Throughout it all my work at the shop and my fabulous team of volunteers has kept me going. This is the best job I have ever had – to know that what you are doing directly helps sick children is very fulfilling.

“I visit the hospice on a regular basis and the families of children using the hospice come into the shop so I am very in touch with the local people who benefit from what we do here. That makes a real difference! We can all really see the contribution we are making, in providing funds to care for children needing the specialist care which is only available at the children’s hospice.

“It’s such a rewarding job, and if circumstances were different I wouldn’t be leaving. Everyone has been so very supportive and the Louth people have been fantastic, and very generous both in purchasing and donating goods.

“I would like encourage everyone to please keep the donations coming in. They are vital to enable us to turn them into funds to provide care for Lincolnshire children, whilst at the same time providing the local community with really good quality affordable clothing, and gifts.

“I will never forget my time here and hope to keep in touch with all the friends I have made. I am not sure what I will do in the future as I don’t believe I could enjoy any job as much as this one.”

Dianne Clark, retail operations manager, said: “The Louth shop has been Rachael’s baby from the beginning and the shop is the largest shop we have and has always done very well thanks to the generosity of local people both in donating, buying and volunteering but also due to Rachael’s enthusiasm and desire to maximise the income raised to provide care for children.”