Fascinating programme of opera

THE New London Opera Group’s eighth annual spring concert will take place at Louth Playgoers’ Riverhead Theatre on Saturday at 7.30pm.

The first half of the programme will be a performance of Arthur Sullivan’s one-act comic opera, The Zoo.

A charming romantic comedy, set in London Zoo it tells the story of the hapless romance between Aesculapius Carboy, a poor-but-honest chemist, and Laetitia, daughter of hard-hearted grocer, Mr Grinder.

The opera is full of hilarious misunderstandings, disguises and plot twists.

A cast of five singers will give a complete staged performance, without chorus, and with piano accompaniment by popular regular pianist Paul Guinery.

After the interval, the cast will present a concert of excerpts from operas by Gilbert and Sullivan, working together and with other collaborators.

The programme will be a fascinating blend of favourites and interesting novelties, including, in the centenary year of his death, excerpts from Gilbert’s most cherished operatic project, The Mountebanks.

l Box office: 01507 600350.