Fears Anglian Water’s hosepipe ban could scupper Mablethorpe’s bid to bloom

Could Mablethorpe's bid for In Bloom gold be scuppered by Anglian Water's enforced hosepipe ban?
Could Mablethorpe's bid for In Bloom gold be scuppered by Anglian Water's enforced hosepipe ban?
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ANGLIAN Water’s enforced hosepipe ban in our region has been met with a mixed reaction, with concerns raised that the ban could scupper Mablethorpe’s bid to get a first ever East Midlands In Bloom gold award.

The town’s manager said the ban presents ‘some problems’ with watering the flower displays and hoped the in Bloom judges would take that into account.

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Anglian Water’s ban from April 5 means people across the South East and East of England face £1,000 fines for flouting the law and getting their hosepipes out.

The move came after the driest 18 month period for over 100 years, though ironically the area did see huge downpours of rain on the day before the ban was imposed as well as over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

Last year Mablethorpe was forced to settle for the silver award for the third entry in a row, and work is already underway to give the town the best possible chance of going one better this year.

Town Manager Karen said: “The hosepipe ban does clearly present us with some problems with regards to the watering of our flower displays and we will be working closely with the Mablethorpe Town Council and East Lindsey District Council to work out the best course of action.

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“The Mablethorpe in Bloom Committee will also be seeking advice from RHS and East Midlands in Bloom.

“Obviously this does not only affect Mablethorpe, however In Bloom is not solely about floral displays and I feel sure that the judges will obviously take into account the hose pipe ban.

“Over the next few weeks we should be in a position to provide more information.”

Mablethorpe In Bloom Chairman, Graham Parkhurst echoed Karen’s hopes that the but added: “Of course the competition is also about the general look of the place as well as the flowerbeds and gardens.

“We feel sure the judges will take the hosepipe ban into account.

“We’ll happily give advice to people who are joining in on 01507 472553.”

‘Learning curve’

Pat Locke, Secretary of the Trusthorpe Allotment Gardens Association, said of the ban: “It will definitely affect some of the allotment holders, it will be a learning curve for everyone.

“But we have got to put up with it and hopefully we can all learn to garden more efficiently with water butts and rain collectors.”

Antony Innes, from Anglian Water, said: “Our region has had the driest 18 months for over 100 years, which is why a hosepipe ban was introduced for domestic customers on April.

“Despite this ban, customers can still have a well-stocked and healthy looking garden without having to rely on a hosepipe.

“By following some simple tips and loving every precious drop of the water we do have our gardens needn’t suffer this spring and summer.”

Guy Barter, the Royal Horticultural Society’s Chief Horticultural Advisor, said: “We have received a lot of enquiries from gardeners concerned about the drought, but there is a lot gardeners can do that doesn’t involve using extra water.

“Another suggestion is to consider carefully when buying plants and only choose those best for your conditions. The RHS Plant Selector on our website is an ideal tool to help you do this.”

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