FEATURE: ‘I couldn’t be prouder of officers’

Skegness Police
Skegness Police

East Lindsey Chief Inspector Jim Tyner said: “It is well publicised that police forces across the country have been impacted by government cuts and Lincolnshire has been traditionally disadvantaged by funding and the challenges of policing a large rural county.

“East Lindsey alone is the biggest policing district in England: the same size as Surrey, yet that force has considerably more officers than we have in the whole of Lincolnshire.

“There is no denying that meeting everyone’s demands for service can be difficult and communities will have opposing views on what should be treated as a priority, whether that be a farmer suffering repeat high value damage caused by hare coursers or a resident on an urban estate blighted by anti-social behaviour.

“We don’t release information about specific officer numbers on duty at any specific place at any one time because such sensitive information could assist criminals but it should be remembered that there are regional resources on duty across the force, including Roads Policing officers, armed response officers, and dog handlers, in addition to plain clothes proactive teams.

“I know that morale can be affected by the pressures we face and so I take time to listen to my officers and ensure they are supported as best we can.

“I have no doubt that many of them would concur with much of the quoted officer’s sentiments but also, there are points raised that I simply do not recognise as being fact.

“Every officer puts themselves at risk every day they put on their uniform and step out of the police station.

“It is the nature of the job and why the people who choose to become police officers are such a special type of individual.

“Backup being some distance away has been an issue since I was a constable but safety equipment has moved on considerably.

“Many officers these days are equipped with TASER, and equipment such as body worn video and mobile data terminals means officers can perform many more duties on the hoof.

“It’s a stressful climate for all police officers everywhere but I couldn’t be prouder of the men and woman who, despite this, come to work every day and keep East Lindsey a safe place.”