FEATURE: ‘We are stretched to breaking point’

Skegness Police
Skegness Police

A serving Lincolnshire police officer has delivered a worrying insight into the state of the county’s police force, saying ‘morale is at rock bottom’ and resources are ‘stretched to breaking point’.

The officer, who did not want to be named because of fears 
about repercussions, made a series of damning allegations including:

l Morale is at rock bottom - an all-time low.

l Staffing is a massive 

lInternal memos describe the situation as ‘critical’.

l Officers often have to go out single-handed and are being 
put in danger because the nearest back-up can be miles away.

l Senior management recognise the issues but lack the resources to do anything about it.

The officer said: “In some places, it’s one ‘urgent’ call after another. You’ve got to respond - even though you know help could be miles away.

“An officer is going to be seriously injured - or 

The officer alleged the overtime budgets had ‘spiralled out of control’. The officer claimed no-one wanted overtime anyway because officers are ‘tired and demoralised’.

The officer added that colleagues were ‘working well over their agreed hours’ and requests for leave and days off were being turned down because there’s no cover.

The officer alleged officers were ‘lining up’ for early retirement.

They added: “The public has a right to know the situation. They’d be shocked and worried 
if they knew.

“So many resources are put into dogs chasing hares or people fishing without a permit while other crimes aren’t being investigated thoroughly.”

With concerns over officer numbers and resources being stretched, the officer added: “During the summer months, Skegness swells to the same size as Sheffield.

“Could you imagine the outcry if there were just the same number of officers covering Sheffield as Lincolnshire Police have in Skegness?”