FEEL THE DIFFERENCE: Do you have trouble sleeping?

Sleep problems? EMN-140327-120548001
Sleep problems? EMN-140327-120548001

As promised, I’m writing a piece about exercise in the great outdoors this week. The last few weeks have been perhaps a little ‘heavy’ reading so let’s see if we can make sense of it all and have a little perspective in our exercise and eating patterns.

It is possible to over do your training and risk injury or addiction, but it is also possible to over do the calorie consumption or restriction and risk other medical conditions. So, It seems as if you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t!

I wonder how many of you have gained weight and also having trouble sleeping? Have you connected the two problems together? It is a known fact that when you are tired you are likely to reach for sugary and/or fatty foods for snacks between meals. Obviously this will lead to the inevitable weight gain but why do we do it? If weight gain leads to poor sleep patterns, which comes first, the weight gain or the poor sleep?

Studies have shown that a lack of exercise will lead to poor sleep patterns so if you have at least 10 minutes of vigorous exercise each day you are probably going to sleep better. If you sleep better you are less likely to crave the sugary snacks. If you’ve been gaining weight and losing sleep, try exercising. The exercise will help you sleep, the sleep will stop your cravings, the reduction in sugar will stop your weight gain, the reduced weight gain will give you more energy for exercise, the exercise will help you sleep….. It’s one big circle but if you are suffering with sleep loss or weight gain it is certainly worth a try don’t you think?

I have recently been asked to do a private Nordic Walking session to raise money for Cancer Research UK and I’m pleased to say that by getting just a few friends together it was possible to raise £55. It was a great event with the emphasis on ‘social’ and ‘exercise’. If you would like to organise a charity event this may be just what you need to spur you on with a little exercise. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and it may lead to more exercise for you and your friends.

On a similar note, I received an email from Christine (a Horncastle News reader) who will be taking part in the Moonwalk on May 10. Obviously this isn’t a journey I would recommend for anyone who hasn’t put the training in because of the risk of injury.

I’ve read the event details on the official website and have noted that it isn’t a race and there are no special prizes or recognitions for crossing the finish line first. Christine and her husband are both taking part in the walk and will be raising money for Breast Cancer research.

Not only are they raising money but by wearing a decorated bra they are also raising awareness of breast cancer. I’ve seen pictures in the past of celebrities (Joanna Lumley springs to mind) taking part and I’m sure it will be a spectacle to behold.

Having a choice between a half marathon or full marathon distance I believe Christine and her husband have been training for the full distance. I’m sure you will want to wish them good luck and if you would like to sponsor or make any donations to their walk I’m sure they will be very pleased to hear from you. If you contact me I shall pass your details on to them.

Christine has agreed to chat to me so I shall ring her this week and write about it in my next column.