Film crew heads to the winter sea

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A NEW short film about a land girl in the Second World War is being filmed in the area.

The 10-minute film, entitled By the Winter Sea, is being made on behalf of the Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park project by Red Dog Film.

It is based on the story of Ada, who moved from London to work on a farm near Anderby Creek.

It shows how the city girl found the rural life and hard physical work a shock initially, but gradually grew to love her life as a land girl.

The film is based on actual events. Director Phil Stevens discovered the story in a book called Lincolnshire Women at War.

The finished film will be made available to show in schools and on the internet.

Filming will take place at Farmer Brown’s Farm in Huttoft, Lincolnshire Wolds Railway at Ludborough and Marsh Yard beach, between Sandilands and Anderby Creek.