Final Britain’s Got Talent curtain call for Louth boy Tom and Collabro


A singer from Louth is busy preparing for the Britain’s Got Talent final where he will perform alongside his Collabro bandmates.

With the grand final taking place this Saturday (June 7), Thomas Leak managed to find time in his busy rehearsal schedule to comment on how the final performance preparations are going for the group and how they fair against the other 10 finalists.

The 24-year-old from Saltfleetby, near Louth, explains: “Rehearsals are going great, we’re all really busy preparing for the final performance.

“We now know our chosen song for Saturday’s final really well, but of course there is always room for improvement. Over the next couple of days we are going through the dynamics of the song, breathing techniques and blending our vocals together.

“There is a lot for us to rehearse, even after we have learnt all of the harmonies. I can’t say what our final song will be as it is a secret, but we’re all working incredibly hard to make it the best possible performance we can deliver.”

Commenting on their chances , Thomas added: “We remain very hopeful about the outcome. We’ve put in a huge amount of effort and we just hope that it will show when we come to perform on Saturday and I hope that everyone at home likes what we do enough to vote. “

When The Leader about who the band have been close to during the finals, Thomas said: “As far as friends go, we got to talk quite a bit with the other acts in our semi-final.

“We especially got very chatty with Jon Clegg and we are so happy that he has received the final’s wildcard slot.”

Back home Thomas’ parents Gabriella McCree, from Donington on Bain, and Barrie Leak, from Saltfleetby, are trying to rally as much local support for their son as possible.

Gabriella explained: “I am trying to campaign for support for Collabro locally with posters, banners and hopefully gaining some sponsorship so posters can be visible in the windows of a number of popular local businesses.

“I just want to thank the people of Louth and Lincolnshire for supporting Thomas and the rest of the Collabro boys, you have all been amazing.”

Barrie Leak added: “I have been putting ‘Vote Collabro’ signs all over the village, trying to get as much support for the lads as I can.

“I am even doing mobile advertising as I now have two signs on the back of my van.

“I wish Thomas and the rest of the Collabro lads the best of luck for Saturday and it is great to see how they are appealing to audiences of different generations and trying to get the younger generation into musical theatre.”

Chairman of Louth playgoers, Maureen Lill sends a message of good luck to Thomas and the rest of the collabro boys: She added: “From all of us at Louth Playgoers, we would like to wish Thomas and the rest of Collabro our very best wishes. Thomas and his fellow bandmates are absolutely brilliant.

“They sent shivers up my spine when I heard them perform and we are delighted to see how far Thomas has progressed since his time at the playgoers.”

So with both parents heading down to London in the coming days, watching and supporting their son from close by, the Collabro baton of support will be passed on to us, the residents of Louth and surrounding areas.

If you like Collabro’s vibe, then show your support towards local lad Thomas and the rest of the group in their musical endeavour to be crowned the winners of Britain’s Got Talent 2014.