Find out who shot JFK at Louth charity night


So who killed JFK?

Coming to the Conoco Philips Room, Louth Library, there is a unique event to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the assasination of President Kennedy, promoted by two Louth charities to boost their funds for ongoing work with community projects for Spout Yard Park and Louth Museum.

It takes the form of a lecture and discussion by a retired Chief Inspector, Chris Brightmore, of the Metropolitan Police who lives locally and who, through contacts with the Mafia, has evidence of the identity of the killer responsible for this act that rocked the world.

Mr Brightmore will outline how previous investigations missed important questions that in the light of this new information unravel how the truth failed to be discovered. All will be revealed by the end of an engrossing lecture by this widely experienced public speaker.

Mr Brightmore is an enthusiastic supporter of Spout Yard Park Management Trust and Louth Naturalists’, Antiquarian and Literary Society and is kindly giving the lecture without charge.

The evening takes place on Saturday November 23 at 7.30pm. Tickets priced £5, including refreshments, are available from the kiosk in Spout Yard Park, Louth Museum in Broadbank, or on 01507 60395.