Flood reduction work at Louth Canal

A £35,000 scheme to reduce the risk of flooding to properties along Louth Canal has been completed.

The Environment Agency has just finished reinstating the height of the flood defence bank along a one km stretch of the left-hand bank of canal between New Dike and Fulstow footbridge.

Damage caused by cattle has also been repaired and the crest of the bank has been widened to make access for future maintenance safer.

The work by contractors GBM took three weeks to complete and will reduce the risk of flooding to 12 homes and businesses in Fulstow.

Andrew Charlesworth, Project Manager, said: “We have also created a berm at points along the base of the bank to improve the margins of the waterway and allow new habitat to develop to benefit water voles, otters, invertebrates and nesting birds.

“The berms will be wet during the summer months and dry during the winter when the canal levels are maintained at a lower level.”