Flood website is developed for youngsters to learn about the 1953 East Coast Floods

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Lincolnshire’s younger generation can now delve their minds into a newly created website based around the historic coastal floods of 1953.

The website - www.y53.co.uk, coincides with the 60th anniversary of the floods which takes place on January 31.

The natural diaster had caused devastation to most of the east coast and 42 people lost their lives as the sea defences were breached.

Young people are being encouraged to visit the website as part of the ‘We’re prepared for Coastal Flooding in Lincolnshire - are you?’ campaign where they can explore what happened in 1953.

Steve Easton-Harris, Emergency Planning Officer explained: “It is really important we engage people from an early age and ensure that they understand the history of the local area and the risks we face in the future.”

Children can also discover what caused the flood, read comments from the survivors and see pictures.

A slideshow about the flooding is also on the website, what has changed since the devastating floods and youngsters can take part in a range of learning activities.

Steve added: “The website has been designed to ensure young people can learn important messages in a fun way.”

The coastal flooding campaign for Lincolnshire is being led by the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum, alongside the Environment Agency, Lincolnshire County Council and the Coastal District Councils.

As the milestone anniversary is quickly approaching, the Leader is appealing to anyone who has any memories they would like to share with us from the floods.

Also if anyone has any pictures from the floods. We would love to hear from you.

Your memories will be featured in our special flood edition that will appear at the end of Janaury.

To get in touch regarding the 1953 coastal floods, either call 01507 353217 or email your stories and pictures to chloe.west@jpress.co.uk.