Former Louth man creates market leading driving app

Former Louth man Sam Chapman CTO and founder of The Floow.
Former Louth man Sam Chapman CTO and founder of The Floow.

A smartphone app that rewards better driving has been created for global insurance giant AIG by a former Louth man.

Sam Chapman, 39, was born in Louth and attended St Michael’s Primary School and Monks Dyke Technology College, now known as Monks Dyke Tennyson College, as well as King Edward’s VI Grammar School in the town.

Sam, who now lives in Sheffield, is co-founder of The Floow, which is the leading company in telematics and specifically telematic apps for Android and iOS.

This new app, which was recently launched in Ireland by AIG, monitors smoothness of driving, speed, time and mobile phone use - and starts automatically whenever you set off.

The launch in Ireland is their first for AIG.

Sam said: “The app marks a milestone for The Floow, and the telematics industry as a whole.

“As a business we are committed to making driving safer and cheaper for all, and we are delighted to be working with partners such as AIG who share this ethos.”

The Floow’s development team is also working on a Google Glass application for the insurance industry, aiming to make driving safer.

Sam added: “Whether a computer on the side of your head for this purpose will catch on or not is hard to say, only time will tell.

“I’m always inspired by people I know who make adventurous decisions, stepping into or investigating the unknown without knowledge of what they will find.”

Sam is still a frequent visitor to Louth as his mum and sister live in town.

AIG XLNTdriver is available to download for free at the iTunes or Google Store.