Four burglaries in Mablethorpe area in just one week

Hertfordshire Police is looking into the incident
Hertfordshire Police is looking into the incident

The Mablethorpe Policing Team is investigating four burglaries (and one attempted burglary) which occurred within their patrol area in just one week.

All of the incidents took place between Sunday January 29 and Sunday February 4.

Three of these incidents took place in Mablethorpe: a burglary reported on January 29, an attempted burglary reported on January 31, and a burglary reported on February 3.

Further burglaries have been reported in Sandilands (February 3) and Sutton on Sea (February 4).

PCSO Billy Spence, from Mablethorpe Police Station, said: “Please remain vigilant. If you see any suspicious behaviour, please contact us on 101 or 999 (if appropriate).”