Free flood packs available for Louth homes

Louth Flood Warden, Darren Hobson.
Louth Flood Warden, Darren Hobson.

Louth’s flood warden is offering free flood packs to homes in Louth that may be at risk of flooding. In particular, he is offering them to people who have never received this information and would like it, are new to their property or the area and are currently unaware of what to do in a flood situation, or need a replacement pack.

Flood Warden Darren Hobson said that homes near the Lud river or Louth canal, particularly in the Riverhead area, may benefit from having a flood pack which would allow them to draw up a definitive action plan just in case disaster strikes.

Mr Hobson said: “The packs were last distributed two years ago, and they are available for anyone who feels like they might be at risk.

“The idea is to try and make people think ahead about what they would do in a flood event, and consider their preparedness.

“If people get in touch and let me know they’d like a flood pack, then I’ll happily deliver one to them.”

Mr Hobson can be contacted through the Louth Flood Warden Facebook page at, or through Twitter at @LouthFloodWardn.

You can also call him on 07952 235912 or email