Free giveaway Facebook group’s success


A Facebook group that allows kind-hearted locals to give away unwanted items to those who need them has gathered over 1,000 members.

The group, ‘Freely Given (Louth)’, is designed to promote “the spirit of community, and the make-do-and-mend philosophy”.

The rapid success of ‘Freely Given (Louth)’ has led to similar groups being established across Lincolnshire, although the Louth group continues to retain the highest membership.

The group allows members to post a description and a photograph of an item that they wish to give away, and then other members leave a comment underneath if they would like to take it off their hands. Once a giveaway deal has been agreed, discussions about delivery or collection arrangements take place in private, often through Facebook’s messaging system.

Dozens of good quality items are currently being given away each day, ensuring that people are able to make good use of unwanted items rather than throwing them away in the tip.

Members can also request items, in case other members happen to have unwanted items around the house.

Richard Aron, who created the group, said: “What’s great about the group is knowing that no administrative charges are lost, as with lots of charities.

“The group is not anti-charity, by the way - it’s anti-tip! We are not bound by the same rules as charities.

“I think that Freely Given is an idea that needs to spread. It’s a great community asset.”

The group can be visited at