Frog bin will encourage the children not to drop litter

A ‘FROG’ that can be stuffed with rubbish was discussed at the meeting of Donington on Bain Parish Council.

Councillors had inspected the amenity areas in the village noting where there were problems to be addressed.

These included the need for new waste bins on the recreation sites to replace the open ones which become a gooey mess during wet conditions, plus a child friendly frog near the play equipment to encourage children to ‘feed’ him their litter.

County Coun Hugo Marfleet was to be asked to make a donation from his Big Society Fund for the cost.

Damage caused by tree roots to the retaining wall around the churchyard in Church Close was considered. The East Lindsey District Council Tree Officer recommended that the two cherry trees causing the damage should be removed.

The willow alongside was also mature with large and heavy branches which can suddenly drop without warning and he recommended that it should also be removed. The willow in particular is a much admired feature in the centre of the village.