From wheelchair to a 10k race

Lorna Leaston (right) out training with Macmillan health professional Fiona Roche.
Lorna Leaston (right) out training with Macmillan health professional Fiona Roche.

A Louth woman has battled adversity and will take part in an upcoming 10k race for charity - despite being confined to a wheelchair just 12 months ago as she fought against oesophageal cancer.

Lorna Leaston, 46, was left physically weakened following the treatments and surgery which set her on 
the road to recovery, but now hopes to raise money for Macmillan in the Lincoln 10k race on April 17 to thank them for the support they gave 
her during her cancer battle.

Lorna said: “Two major operations in less than 12 months had left me 
weakened and physically battered. I was so weak I felt I could have been blown over.

“At first, I needed a wheelchair to get around as the operation, and the pneumonia I developed soon after, had affected by lung capacity. I knew if I was to get back to some kind of normality I needed to get myself moving again – however small 
the initial steps”.

Lorna received support from Macmillan health professional Fiona Roche through the charity’s ‘Get Active Feel Good Lincolnshire’ project, run in conjunction with Lincolnshire Sport.

Fiona said: “The transformation in Lorna 
has been incredible. When we first met she had just got out of hospital, having had her second lot of 
surgery, and could hardly walk. Now, just over a year later, she’s preparing to 
do a 10K with us.”

“That’s exactly why we wanted to undertake this challenge, to raise awareness of the project and the 
benefits of gentle exercise.

“There is evidence that it can not only help people cope better with the side effects of cancer and treatment, but it can also help with recovery and reduce the chance of the cancer coming back”.

Although exercise did not used to play a major part in Lorna’s life before she had cancer, it certainly does now.

The transformation even earned her a nomination for a Lincolnshire Sport Award.

Lorna said: “I’m the last person I thought would get excited about buying my first pair of trainers in 
over 30 years!”

She continued: “I couldn’t have done it alone. Having that one to one support from 
Fiona really helped.

“Even on the days when I didn’t see her she’d text me to see if I’d been out for a walk which helped to motivate me. “

“Macmillan can only fund amazing projects like this thanks to the generosity of 
local supporters so I’d encourage as many people as possible to take part in the Lincoln 10K to help raise money 
for this fantastic charity!”

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