Fulstow cul-de-sac gets the go ahead for new houses

The proposed homes in Cassbrook Drive, Fulstow.
The proposed homes in Cassbrook Drive, Fulstow.

Councillors have granted planning permission to two new homes in a quiet Fulstow street - despite a similar plan for three homes being turned down just six months ago.

East Lindsey District Council’s planning committee met on Thursday (October 5) and approved the plans for land off Cassbrook Drive, after it was recommended for conditional approval by the Council’s head of planning, Chris Panton.

The applicant is Mr Martin Leonard, of Cassbrook Drive, and the new homes would be built on land behind his home.

Mr Leonard’s previous proposal, for three homes on the land, was refused in March.

A number of complaints, submitted by residents at the time, were reiterated ahead of last week’s decision - including flood risk, drainage, road safety, noise, infrastructure, and the design and layout.

Mr Leonard spoke at last week’s meeting, explaining that he had taken ‘proactive advice’ from planning officers following the previous refusal.

He said: “The size of the site was not in contention for the proposal. The key issues were the level of activity associated with three dwellings, and the potential impact.”

Mr Leonard said that he had proposed a new boundary fence, and said there is already an existing high fence which provided ‘adequate’ protection. He added that the indicative siting allowed ‘ample separation distance’ from other nearby properties.

The committee was convinced that the new plan was a significant improvement on the previous plan, and granted approval by eight votes to 
one, with one abstention.