Fundraising in East Barkwith

THERE were 11 people present at the East Barkwith Village Hall annual meeting with Chris Wilson in the chair assisted by Kim Mikula who had stepped in to fill the vacancy when the previous secretary resigned.

In his annual report the chairman reported that new cupboards and sink units had been installed in the kitchen and while a lengthy list of fundraising events had been planned by the committee very few had been held as there was little interest from members of the public.

Most had been cancelled although the Clay Pigeon Shoot and Annual Fete had gone ahead thanks to those who helped and gave their support.

The prize bingo evenings organised by Yvonne Bryson had continued and made a regular contribution by raising funds for the hall. The treasurer Marilyn Clark could not present her report as the financial year had just ended but while she said there would be a loss for the year due to the purchase of the new cupboards, there would still be approximately £8,000 in the bank. Janet West was appointed as auditor for the coming year and officers elected were chairman Chris Wilson, vice chairman Colin Fincham, secretary Kimberly Mikula, assistant secretary Jane Perkins and treasurer Marilyn Clark.

The chairman proposed that the committee members be re-elected en bloc as last year and the secretary asked for confirmation that the proposal referred to those who were present.