Funeral home at old Woodman pub, Louth

Woodman Pub
Woodman Pub

PLANS to build a funeral home in place of the former Woodman Pub have now been confirmed and work could begin as early as May.

As reported in February, Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services were quick to snap up the premises as soon as the old pub, which had been situated in Eastgate for over 170 years, went on the market.

David Dernley, head of Funeral Services at Lincolnshire Co-op, said: “We are hopeful that work will begin in May, we are just waiting for the layout and design to be completed, it is very close to being finalised.”

Initially, the funeral services were awaiting planning permission for the premises, but because the business does not need to change the use of the building, planning permission is not needed, so plans can now move forward.

Mr Dernley also added: “The funeral home will comprise of a reception and waiting area, two arrangement lounges, two chapels of rest, office areas, mortuary and preparation areas (all disabled friendly).

“The first floor will have a catering lounge, including servery and toilets, and a staff changing area.”

The Co-operative Funeral Services are also looking into keeping the drinks licence for the premises.

“We will be looking to obtain an extension of the existing drinks licence, for the catering lounge on the first floor of the funeral home so people can congregate to have a drink after the funeral,” Mr Dernley said.

Once the work has taken place, the staff of Lincolnshire Co-op’s existing funeral home, located at Queen Street Place, will relocate to the new funeral home.

Emma Snedden, PR manager for the Lincolnshire Co-operative, said: “The new premises will provide a larger, more convenient working environment and also, a more suitable environment for users of the service.”

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