Future of Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal in doubt

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ConocoPhillips UK has said there are “no immediate plans” to decommission the Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal as part of a review into the site’s long term future - with the Mayor of Mablethorpe & Sutton on Sea warning that any such closure would be a “disaster for the town”.

Following recent market speculation about the site’s future, a spokeswoman for ConocoPhillips UK told the Leader: “The onshore Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal (TGT) receives gas production from numerous fields, some of which are owned or operated by other companies. ConocoPhillips is working closely with the OGA and is engaging with gas shippers and other stakeholders around the long-term plan for the terminal, but there are no immediate plans to decommission it.

“A number of the ConocoPhillips-operated gas fields which feed into TGT have ceased production, and ConocoPhillips has developed a phased decommissioning programme to responsibly decommission the offshore infrastructure in those fields over the coming years.

“TGT has been operational in the locality for over 40 years. The facility’s gross capacity is around 1.6 billion cubic feet of gas per day, with 2015 throughput averaging approximately 300 million cubic feet per day of gas. At present the site is running at or just less than 20 per cent of design capacity, supplying 2-3 per cent of UK gas demand.

“At this time, ConocoPhillips is simply engaging with the OGA and the other gas shippers about the best path forward.”

The spokeswoman added: “As a matter of company policy, ConocoPhillips does not comment on market speculation or rumour.”

Meanwhile the Mayor of Mablethorpe & Sutton on Sea, Councillor Graham Cullen, said that the long term future of the Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal has been a source of ongoing concern - although he is “optimistic” about the site’s future for the time being.

Coun Cullen said: “If it did close, it would be a disaster for the town - especially with the loss of the secondary school too.

“It would have an impact on jobs in the town. There are lots of contractors who come and stay at guest houses in Mablethorpe, so it would have a knock-on effect there too. I do hope that the gas terminal will last for a few more years - I’m optimistic for the time being”.

Fellow ELDC councillor for Mablethorpe, Coun Tony Howard, added that it would be a blow for the town if the speculation were to be believed.

Coun Howard said: “Obviously with the recent announcements about devolution and how that is going to stimulate new jobs and economic growth, people were being led to believe that this area would be on the up and hoping to be less reliant on seasonal jobs. This rumour, if true, would be taking us in the opposite direction.

“There are also many small businesses in town that get business from the workforce down there – overnight stays in guest houses, meals in restaurants, etc.

“Let’s hope that it is only a rumour because the shock wave from the school closure is about to hit the town and we don’t want any more blows.

“Especially as the Chancellor told us he was taking us into a bright new future. I think everyone will quickly realise that was just for effect on the day and has little substance.”

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