GCSE results: King Edward VI Grammar School’s results day was ‘an exceptionally rewarding day’

Celebrating their success are students Lilley Bridges, Emily Scott, Milo Berger, Will Kemp and James Sopp. Photo: Ian Holmes.
Celebrating their success are students Lilley Bridges, Emily Scott, Milo Berger, Will Kemp and James Sopp. Photo: Ian Holmes.

Students got up bright and early this morning to head down to King Edward VI Grammar School in Louth to find out what they had achieved in their GCSE’s.

Headmaster of the grammar school, James Lascelles said: “It has been an exceptionally rewarding day to see the notable achievements made by many of our pupils.

“A special mention should go to Alice Blackwell for her outstanding achievement in getting 11A*s and an A grade.

“At a time when there is a national pressure to push the number of A* grades down this is a truly amazing


This year for the school, 55 per cent of its pupils achieved five or more A*or A’s at GCSE and of all

entries 78% were graded at A*-B.

James continued to say: “This year’s group has produced our second highest set of results on record but their achievement has been hard fought and I am truly impressed with the dedication displayed

by staff, pupils and parents to achieve this significant set of results.

“We sent out a clear message of support putting on additional workshops and they have responded magnificently to that offer, working closely with staff and departments.

“My wholehearted congratulations to the staff and the pupils for a tremendous team effort.”

Notable achievements were made by the following students who achieved nine or more A* or A grades in all of their GCSEs; Helen Anderson, Ruari Ballantyne, Jocelyn Barlow, Laura Battell, Maria Bell, Rachel Bell, Alice Blackwell, Martha Boardman, Jack Brammar, Harry Bridges, Lilley Bridges, Lucy Burns, Frances Haley, Alice Hannam, Peter Higgins, Naomi Jerrard, Zac Lewis, Paul Quixley, Sara Richards, Alex Swaby, Maisie Thurman, Molly Unwin, Harry Vickers, Morgan Vickers and Peter Wattle.

Full results for King Edward VI Grammar School in Louth are as follows;

ALDRICH Luke 5A,4B,1C; AMIRBASHIRI Sam 2A,6B,1C,2D; ANDERSON Helen 4A*,6A,2B; APPLEBY Will 1A,2B,4C,2D; ASHMAN Jake 1A*,6A,3B,1C; ATKINSON Amy 3B,5C,1D; BALLANTYNE Ruari 5A*,4A,2B; BARLOW Jocelyn 3A*,6A,1B,1C;

BARRETT Jessica-Rose 5A,5B; BASSI Lysah-Priya 7A,4B; BATH Katie 1A,8B; BATTELL Laura 4A*,6A,1B; BELL Maria 5A*,6A; BELL Rachel 3A*,6A,3B; BERGER Milo 2A,6B,1C,1D; BLACKWELL Alice 11A*,1A; BOARDMAN Martha 7A*,5A;

BOJEN Frank 3A*,5A,1B,2C; BRAMMAR Jack 9A,1B; BRIDGES Harry 2A*,7A,1B; BRIDGES Lilley 5A*,5A.1B; BROWN James 6A,2B,1C,1D; BURNS Lucy 8A*,4A; BUSHELL Tom 2A,5B,2C,1D; CARR Rebecca 5A,4B; CHAPMAN Oliver 1B,7C,1D;

CHARLTON Hannah 3A,6B,1C,1D; CHEUNG Savannah 3B,3C,2D; CHILDS Tom 4A*,3A,2B,2C; CLARK Grant 2A,6B,2C; COOK Emily 1A,7B,1C,1D; CROFT Madeleine 1A*,5A,4B,1C; CRUMP Danielle 5A,6B; CUNNINGHAM George 4A,4B,1C,2D; CURTIS Will 1A*,2A,6B,1C; DARKE Katy 2A*,8A,1B; DARKE Sebastian 4A,4B,2C; DAVENPORT Millie 2A,4B,2C,1D; DAVIES Joshua 2A,2B,3C,2D,1F; DICKSON Pollyanna 5B,4C,1D; DODSON Sade 4B,3C; DOWLING Yekaterina 2A*,3A,4B; DYAS William 1A*,5A,4B,1C; EDWARDS George 1A,2B,5C,1D; ELLIS Beth 5A,5B; ELLIS Molly 3B,4C,2D; ELTAYEB Ayah 1A*,3A,6B; FIELDSEND Hannah 3A*,6A,2B; GAIKWAD Rajiv 4A,6B,1C; GAIT Angus 6C,1D,1E; GITTINGS Matthew; 3B,2C,2D,1E,1F; GLADDING Callum 1A,1B,2C,2D,2E; GLOVER Chloe 2A,7B; GOLDBY Chloe 1A,3B,3C,2D; GORST Jack 1A*,4A,6B,1C; GRANTHAM Joshua 1A*,4A,2B,2C,1D; GREEN Emma 1A*,5A,1B,4C; HALEY Frances 9A*,3A; HANCOCKS James 1B,4C,1D,1F; HANNAM Alice 3A*,7A,1B; HANSON Eleanor 7B,2C; HARRIES Vikki 3A,5B,1D; HIGGINS Peter 7A*,2A,1B;

HILL Charlotte 5A,5B,1D; HOPKINS Emily 2B,7C; JERRARD Naomi 6A*,5A,1D; JOHNSON Jack 1A*,6A,3B; JONES Luke 1A*,7A,2B; KAYE Daniella 1A*,4A,4B,2C; KEMP William 1B,6C,1D; LAIT Amy 1A,2B,3C,1D; LANG Claire 2A,6B,2C;

LECH Alexander 2A,7B,2C; LEWIS Zac 4A*,6A,1B; LISHMAN Tom 4A,6B,1C; LOWE Kathryn 5A*,3A,3B; LYNCH Abigail 1A*,4A,5B,1D; MARTIN Laura 2A*,7A,1B; MCDONNELL Luke 3B,4C,2D,1E; MCLELLAN Harry 3B,5C,1D,1F; NAQVI Raza 2A*,4A,4B; PARKINSON Edward 4B,6C,1F; PATCH Emily 1A*,4A,5B; PATEL Jordan 3C,4D,1E; PATRICK Cian 4B,5C,1D;

PEKACKA Joanna 5A,3B,2C; PICKARD Nathan 5A,5B,1C,1D; PINDER Josh 6A,4B,1C; POWLES Jai 4B,5C,1D; QUIXLEY Paul 6A*,3A,2B; RAMSAY Etienne 5A*,3A,2B,1C; REESON Katie 2A*,6A,1B,1C; REVELL Ella 1A,6B,2C,1D; RICHARDS Sara 3A*,8A; RICHARDSON Georgia 4A,4B,1C; RIGG Alex 4A*,3A,4B; ROBINSON Ryan 5A*,3A,3B; RUSSELL Robert 1A,1B,4C,2D; SANDERS Tom 6A,2B,2C; SANDERSON Oli 2B,5C,2D; SCOTT Emily 1A*,4A,6B; SMITH Olivia 4C,2D,1E,2F;

SOPP James 1A,4B,4C; SPROWSON Ewan 3A,8B; SWABY Alex 4A*,6A,1B; THOMAS Georgia 2A*,6A,3B; THOMAS Henri 5B,4C,1D; THURMAN Maisie 5A*,5A,1B; TOFTS Matthew 3B,2C,3D; TOUBOULIDIS Stacey 1A*,1A,7B,1C; TURNER Elliot 1A*,6A,2B,1D; UNWIN Molly 2A*,7A,2B,1C; VICKERS Harry 8A*,2A,2B; VICKERS Morgan 2A*,8A; WAHEED Bilal 4A*,4A,1B,1C; WARSAP Lawrie 2B,4C,2D; WATTLE Peter 6A*,4A,1B; WHATTAM Meghann 5A,5B,1C; WILSON Chris 1A,3B,4C,1D,1E; WINFIELD Shauna 6A,4B,2C; WINN-BECSKEHAZY Albert 2A,5B,3C; WINNEY Edward 1A*,7A,3B; YOUNG Jefferson 2A,7B,1C.