Ghostly goings-on at Larders cafe

The owner of Larders Coffee House has claimed that the building could be haunted following a number of 
creepy occurrences.

Michael Bristow, who has owned the cafe in Mercer Row for the last four years, was shocked to receive a notification on his mobile phone late last Wednesday night (June 24) saying that the infrared sensors in the upstairs room had detected movement.

Larders Coffee House employees Sarah Clapson, Ceejay Liles and Hannah Bristow. EMN-150626-151811001

Larders Coffee House employees Sarah Clapson, Ceejay Liles and Hannah Bristow. EMN-150626-151811001

Mr Bristow accessed the live feed of the CCTV footage remotely via his mobile, and noticed strange movements and an unusual dark figure within the room.

He called his son, Jamie, who used his iPad to take a closer look at the footage on a larger screen - and, believing that the cafe was being burgled, decided to call the police.

Four officers attended the scene and sealed off both ends of the alley, before approaching the cafe with tasers at the ready - only to discover 
that there was no burglar 
to be found.

Ceejay Liles, 21, who has worked at the cafe for over two years said: “One of the coppers said that it had really played with his mind, and asked to be sent the footage.”

Her colleague, Sarah Clapson, 29, told the Leader that other strange things have happened during her two 
years working at the cafe.

Sarah said: “There was a time when Ceejay was upstairs sorting an afternoon tea out and I was busy downstairs, but then I saw a light on my 
radio - me and my colleagues heard a little girl’s voice.

“I thought it must have been Ceejay so I radioed back 
to see what she wanted, but she said she’d never radioed 
me - it creeped us out.”

She added: “A few years ago, Michael’s son was staying here one night and saw a little 
girl on the landing.

“I often sense things, especially upstairs or on the landing where the kitchen is.”

Ceejay said: “One of our regular customers took part in a ghost walk in town and the guy 
from the ghost walk stopped out here as well.

“I think Michael used to just think there was always another explanation for these things, but now I think he 
believes it - even if he 
might not admit it.”

A spokeswoman for Lincolnshire Police told the Leader: “The owner of the 
coffee shop reported seeing 
a blur on the CCTV.

“The place was extensively checked and there was no sign of a break-in or suspicious activity, so it has been closed 
as a false alarm.”

The spokeswoman added: “Looks like a ghost after all!”

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