Go ahead for ‘Beverly Hills’ style house in Louth

The go ahead has been given for a ‘Beverly Hills’ style house to be built on land next to Louth Golf Course.

Applauding the design at an East Lindsey District Council planning meeting, Coun Dick Edginton said: “I am well impressed - this building would not look out of place in Beverley Hills, overlooking LA.

“I only wish I could afford to buy it.”

Councillors voted 11 to three to approve the application by Simon Grantham to demolish the existing bungalow at 114 Horncastle Road in favour of replacing it with a contemporary five-bedroom house built over three floors.

Set within two hectares, the house will retain a long sweeping drive and will lead up to an atrium acting as the main entrance.

Similar plaudits were sounded by other committee members including vice-chairman Coun Steve O’Dare who joked that he would be prepared to ‘go halves’ on purchase with Coun Edginton.

Coun Sid Dennis described the design as ‘excellent’ while Coun Terry Knowles felt it was ‘innovative without being garish’.

Dissenting views came from Coun Jim Swanson, who felt the property would be ‘too off the wall’ for its setting, and from committee chairman Coun Neil Cooper who likened the proposal - notably the split roof - to ‘a seven-year-old child missing his front tooth’.

He continued: “It’s got a plastic-covered tin roof - is that really the way we want to go?”

Coun Laura Stephenson said she hoped there would be appropriate measures to ‘police’ the many splendid trees from harm or destruction during the development phase.

Mr Grantham was represented at the meeting by agent Nick Grace who said the existing bungalow was ‘of limited merit’.