Good entry of prime lambs at Thursday cattle market

NUMBERS were back up at Louth Cattle Market on Thursday due to the harvest with 38 cattle through the fat ring averaging 172.87 ppk (£1,007).

There was also a good entry of prime lambs, with 490 sold on the day.

The top price per kilogram for a clean beast was a BBx heifer from JC Crust of Halton Holgate weighing 488 kgs and selling for 205.5 ppk to C Bustance.

The top price heifer per head was £1,212 for a British Blue x from WH Farrow & Sons.

The top price steer per kg was a Charolais x from RA Hall of Old Leake weighing 548 kgs and selling for 195.5 ppk to A Wright & Son of Boston.

The top price per head was £1,259 for a Charolais x steer also from RA Hall.

The top price per kg for a young bull was a Lincoln Red x from FA Wallis & Sons of Biscathorpe, weighing 568 kgs and selling for 198.5 ppk.