Government grant will breathe new life in Mablethorpe

After receiving the recent news that Mablethorpe has gained Town Team Partner Status, discussions are underway to plan the next step.

The news of the announcement spread quickly through town and the scheme follows on from the Portas Pilots.

The government based scheme has awarded Mablethorpe Area Partnership with a £10,000 grant as well as expert advice.

Town Manager for Mablethorpe, Karen Froggatt has commented on her delight on gaining Town Team Partner status.

She said: “This is great news for us.

“This support package will be extremely valuable in assisting us with some of our plans for the town centre.

“It’s a great opportunity to draw on support from both experts and others who may have been involved in similar projects.”

Karen also explains what will happen now they have received this special status.

She added: “At this stage, we have been advised that the money will be paid at some time in November.

“Within our application we highlighted that the money would be spent on strengthening our market offer.

“This will be in terms of offering more one off specialist markets into our events programme and will hopefully aim to increase the footfall in the town centre.

“Equipment which will help bring an unused building back to life and bring in some advertising boards, so these are some of our initial thoughts.”

She continued to say: “We will also look at whether this money can be used to leverage any further money in from other grant sources,

“Whatever is decided, it will be spent to benefit the town centre.”

Portfolio Holder for Economic Regeneration at East Lindsey District Council, Coun Craig Leyland added: “I am delighted that Mablethorpe has been successful in their application to the Government.

“The town is working hard, supported by the District Council, to develop the economy for the benefit of the local community.

“This is another milestone on that journey.”

He also said: “Times are tough for businesses and I’m pleased they have been able to access some additional support to help them work towards their aspirations.”

Alford and Skegness were also successful in gaining Town Team Partner status.

Are you pleased with the announcement of Town Team Partner status for Mablethorpe? What would you like to see the money be spent on?

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