Government grant won to protect Mablethorpe


£570,000 of government funding has been successfully won by the Lindsey Marsh Drainage Board that will help protect Mablethorpe.

Town lane drain maintained by LMDB runs 400m underneath Mablethorpe High Street to LMDB’s Fulbeck Pumping Station. This watercourse protects 1,413 properties in the area including 212 commercial and residential properties valued at £3.5m.

Survey work undertaken for LMDB revealed the Victorian brick arch culvert needs repairs due to loose bricks, missing mortar and damage from lateral and other utility connections or crossings and the funding administered by the Environment Agency will deal with these repairs.

LMDB’s chairman Hugo Marfleet said: “This 400m section in Mablethorpe is typical of the 75km of culverted watercourse which the board maintains primarily under coastal towns and villages. The Board is acutely aware maintenance is critical to ensure standards of flood protection and land drainage are maintained.”

LMDB is aware tourism is a key element to economic well-being of the town and the maintenance work under the High Street, which commenced last week will avoid the peak Easter period.

The scheme is expected to last 11 weeks and should have very little effect on traffic.