Grainthorpe couple celebrate 65 years together

Keith and Betty Dixon recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary.
Keith and Betty Dixon recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary.
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Betty and Keith Dixon have said that the secret to 65 years of happy marriage to them is nothing specific, but just to enjoy everything they do together.

The happy couple who live in Grainthorpe, celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on Saturday, April 2 - just two days before Betty’s 84th birthday.

Betty has always lived in Grainthorpe and Keith,89, wasn’t far away as he was brought up in Marshchapel.

The couple met at a dance in the local village hall when Betty was 17 and Keith was 22. Betty recalls that it was ‘love at first sight’.

The couple soon married at Grainthorpe Church when Betty was 19 and Keith was 24.

Keith spent 20 years working as a crane driver and Betty was a stay at home mum when she had her two children, daughter Julie with partner Kim and son Howard with partner Jane.

Keith and Betty also dote on their two grandsons, Matthew and Alistair.

To mark their special anniversary, the couple had a family meal at The Splash in Little Cawthorpe and received a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Betty also received a sapphire ring from her husband.

The couple, of course, received a card from the Queen, which Betty said has ‘taken pride of place in their home’.

Betty said: “Like any couple we have had our ups and downs, but overall we feel our marriage has gone really well. We just make sure we make the most of our time together and enjoy it.”