Green waste collections in East Lindsey

Green bin EMN-140331-095515001
Green bin EMN-140331-095515001

East Lindsey residents can now renew or subscribe for their green waste collection service starting fortnightly from March 28, 2016.

For the annual fee of £25, ELDC will empty a green waste bin every fortnight for the year, with a break over Christmas and the New Year.

Anyone who currently subscribes to the Green Waste collection service will need to re-subscribe by February 26 to ensure a seamless transition to their new subscription. The last collection for anyone who does not re-subscribe will be during the two weeks prior to March 28.

Collections for anyone who subscribes for the first time by February 26 will start in the fortnight from March 28. Residents can still subscribe after this date but the start date may be later and the cost will remain the same but 25 collections cannot 
be guaranteed.

From mid-March, residents who have subscribed will receive a letter with full details, plus a sticker for their green bin.

To subscribe, or for more details, visit or 
call 0800 0855037.