Grimoldby mother raises money for hospital after son’s battle with rare spinal disease

A healthy, happy Teddie with his baby sister, Ellie.
A healthy, happy Teddie with his baby sister, Ellie.

A Grimoldby mother has recounted the heart-wrenching moment she discovered her son was suffering from a ‘one-in-a-million’ spinal disease which could have left him paralysed - and she is now raising money for the children’s hospital that saved him.

Beth Locking-Sharpe, 27, told the Leader how her son Teddie was almost two years old when he collapsed in agony at home in October 2015.

Teddie recovering in hospital during his treatment.

Teddie recovering in hospital during his treatment.

Beth said: “There was 45 minutes of screaming in pain and after that he stopped eating.

“Teddie was still able to walk, but clearly in pain. He started spending more and more time just laid on the sofa - that’s not normal for a two year old child.

“He had blood tests but it didn’t show the infection, and then he had an MRI scan.”

It was a specialist at Sheffield, who took a look at the scan, who spotted a rare but serious infection.

An x-ray of Teddie's spine, with the infected area circled in red.

An x-ray of Teddie's spine, with the infected area circled in red.

The disease - discitis with osteomyelitis - is extremely rare in young people, and little research has been conducted with regards to the disease in children.

Beth said: “The consultant at Sheffield has only ever seen one other case of the disease in a child during his career.

“Apparently, between 1995 and 1998, there were only 35 cases of the infection in children.”

After Teddie’s diagnosis, the toddler faced a lengthy treatment process at hospitals in Grimsby and Sheffield, including the administration of drugs through cannulas.

To make matters worse, Teddie had an allergic reaction to some of the medication during his treatment.

However, more than 18 months after Teddie’s initial collapse, he is now a happy and healthy three-year-old boy.

He will have to see a doctor next month to ensure that his recovery is still progressing as expected - and he may suffer with backache for a couple of years - but he is an otherwise perfectly healthy child.

Speaking on behalf of herself and Teddie’s father, Dean, Beth said: “It was difficult seeing Teddie unwell, as parents, because there is nothing we could do.

“I felt helpless. However, I don’t feel stress as I know I’ve just got to deal with it.

“The doctors can’t promise that the infection won’t come back, or explain why he even got it in the first place, but we are looking on the bright side.”

Beth added that the doctors and consultants, particularly at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, were all ‘fantastic’ during the ordeal.

For that reason, she will be holding a family fun day at Great Carlton Village Hall on Saturday July 1, from 5pm-10pm, to raise money for the Children’s Hospital Charity.

There will be a disco, BBQ, games, a raffle and an auction - which includes two executive tickets for a Manchester United home game at Old Trafford, 
donated by GBM Industries.

• If you or your business wishes to donate a prize, email before June 28.