Gritter shake down run for East Lindsey

THE gritter ‘shake down run’ is taking place over the next two weekends.

The county council’s 43 gritters will be taking to the roads for one final run through before the cold weather begins.

Executive Member for Highways and Transportation, Coun William Webb, said: “We don’t want people to think we know something about the weather that they don’t!

“This ‘shake down run’ is something our gritter drivers do every year while the sun is still shining, to make sure their vehicles are in top condition with no further maintenance needed and also to check their gritting routes are clear.

“They always have one last run through before winter weather begins. If you do see our Gritters when you’re out and about, do feel free to give the drivers a wave! They do a tremendous job, helping to keep us moving on the roads.”

A total of 15 new replacement gritters will arrive in the next fortnight – 12 26 tonne Mercedes Schmidt gritters for Boston Chainbridge (five), Horncastle (one) and Pode Hole (six) highways depots and three smaller 10 tonne DAF gritters at Manby, Boston Chainbridge and Sturton.