Gruffalo in town

A LOCAL shopping centre has once agin been taken over by fantastic characters - after staff created a fantastic Gruffalo display for the Easter holidays.

It has put on an eye-catching display of the popular children’s story book, The Gruffalo’s Child.

Youngsters have the opportunity to listen to the complete tale of The Gruffalo’s Child, which is being read aloud by the Centre’s life-sized animated farmer. Shoppers can also smell for the scent of Gruffalo crumble and pie by pressing the centre’s ‘smelly button’!

Opportunities to win Gruffalo goodies are also up for grabs by entering the centre’s colouring competition. The Gruffalo’s Child Easter display will be at The Hildreds Shopping Centre until 3rd May. Funds raised from the display will be donated to both Marie Curie and Cancer Research.

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