Harriet Emma Hotchin

IT was with great sadness that her many friends heard of the death of Harriet Emma Hotchin in Lincoln County Hospital, aged 71.

The affection in which she was held was illustrated by the large congregation that filled St Andrew’s Church, Donington on Bain, to over-flowing, loud speakers relaying the thanksgiving service for her life to the many people gathered in the churchyard.

Harriet Emma Hotchin was born at the Crowtree Lane Hospital, Louth, the younger daughter of the late Arthur and Eveline Hotchin, and she is survived by her sister Enid and many cousins and their families.

The Hotchin family have lived in Donington on Bain for over 100 years, from the time her grandparents lived in a cottage where the Neve Gardens bungalows now stand.

Their present bungalow is built on the site of what was a thatched cottage on their smallholding where the family kept dairy cattle, pigs and chickens, and the young Enid and Emma helped out while they were still at school.

They used to cycle to the station every morning, delivering the milk on their handle bars.

Emma attended the village school until was 15 before joining her dad full time on the smallholding when she also started to rear cockerels for the Christmas trade. Eventually she returned to milk delivery, this time in bottles, when she started working for the Market Stainton firm supplying the Wragby area round, first with Mary Whitwell, now Sims, before being joined by the late Nigel Hodson from South Willingham.

The end of the rural milk delivery round brought a change of career for Emma, who continued in her caring role with Home Care, also working privately providing a service for the elderly, disabled and housebound.

Her outdoor lifestyle kept her in good health and Emma had never been ill until seven years ago, when she had to give up full-time work and she had always devoted a tremendous amount of time to charitable work.

A tireless charity fundraiser, she began organising whist drives for the blind while still at school and eventually changed to bingo sessions when the interest in whist declined.

She regularly organised competitions and raffles for her chosen charities too, and she has many framed certificates acknowledging her contributions together with an Award of Merit she received from the county council in 1998, and she was a Leader Champions runner-up in recognition of her charitable work.

She had raised £22,000 for Cancer Research over the years, £8,000 for the Louth Hospice Appeal and for the last two years she had been supporting the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance.

Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimers and Epilepsy had all benefitted from Emma’s fundraising, but she always valued the help she had from Enid, her cousins and the many friends. She was still organising competitions for charity until she finally lost her battle with illness, and Enid intends to continue with them in her memory.

As enthusiastic bingo player, Emma not only organised sessions herself but she was a regular at all those arranged in local villages too. Emma had served as a trustee of the Elizabeth Lorens Charity for many years and was pleased to give her support to it.

Mike Perkins gave the eulogy and her young friend Amy Ford summed up Emma’s life admirably in a poem she had written.

The Rev Pam Costin officiated, Roger Harrison was organist, and burial followed in the village cemetery alongside her parents.

J Marshall of Market Rasen were the funeral directors.

Family mourners: Miss Enid Hotchin sister; Mr Harold Barrett, Madge Rowarth, Betty Campbell, Vic and Don Riggall, Mr Charles Bray, Pam and Peter Whiten, Louise and John Whiten, John Lawson also representing John Lawson and Gillian; Liz Jackson also representing Lena Horry; Marie Nuttall also representing Trixie and Douglas Aisthorpe; Barry and Nick Campbell, Mr Peter Turner, Mrs J Templeman, Richard Brayand family, Leslie and Charles Bray, David Schofield, John Chester, Emma Hunt, Amy Lekphed, Margaret Barrett, Patricia and Ian Prest, Hannah Foyston, John, James and Jonathan Barrett, Sarah and Geoff Ford and Amy Ford cousins.

Friends: Mr William and Mrs Alison Skitt, Mr John and Mrs Dorothy Cope also representing Mr Richard and Mrs Mary Anne Drinkel and family; Mrs Edna Turner, Mrs Josie Collins also representing Mr Mike Collins; Mr and Mrs M.W. Pearce, Mr Cyril and Mrs Ruby Willoughby also representing Mr John and Mrs Mary Sims and Peter Whitwell; Mr Byron and Mrs Jill Mathews, Mrs Ruby Tuplin also representing Mr Maurice Tuplin; Mrs Renee Mullen also representing Mrs Ann Hobbins; Mr and Mrs Harper, Mrs Pam Machin also representing Mrs Janet Hyland; Mrs Phyllis Parsons, Mrs Doreen Rowson also representing Mr Tim Rowson and Mr John and Mrs Gill Harrison and family; Mr C Goddard also representing Mrs B Party; Mr Terry and Mrs Ann Ringrose, Mrs Pauline Stubbs also representing Mr Pete Stubbs; Mrs V Booth, Steven Middleton also representing Rachel Middleton; Mr Bryan and Mrs Rosemary Parkinson also representing Mr Mark and Mrs Angela Furminger, Mr Phil and Mrs Alison Thomas and Emily Thomas; Mrs Betty Gray, Mr and Mrs Ray Dent, Mr A Dawson, Mr and Mrs A Holmes, Mr R Walters also representing Mrs J Walters; Mrs Janet Martin also representing Mr Albert Martin and Mrs Sally Cosgrove; Mrs Jackie Taylor also representing Mr Mathew Taylor and Mrs Jenny Ward; Mr and Mrs Howard Scorer, Mr and Mrs Paul Cullen, Sue Mison, Mrs Wendy Arnold also representing Mr Tony Arnold, Rebecca Arnold, Chris Guest and Mrs Vera Turner; Eric and Nellie Cookie, Mr Tony and Mrs Pam Devonald, Mrs June Roberts, Mr and Mrs T Stubbs also representing the family; Mrs M Hadretti, Mr Clive and Mrs Sandra Riley also representing the Wragby Wednesday Afternoon Bingo Club; Mrs Jean Bell, the Rev Ian and Mrs Carol McGrath, Mr Marcus Edmundson, Mr David Cosgrove also representing the White family, Sue Cosgrove and Maurice Poucher; Mrs Iris Street, Mrs Christine Bannister also representing Mrs E Hickling; Mrs Maureen Hollis, Mr John McGinley also representing Mr and Mrs Atkinson; Mr Keith and Mrs Kay Olivant, Mr I Atkinson, Mr Brian and Mrs Eileen Kirk also representing Janice Oabry-Dilkes; Mrs June Grant, Mr and Mrs Geoff Cade, Mrs Ann Turbull, Mrs Barbara Goodwin, Mrs Sheila Tucker, Beryl Garwell, Ilean Pidgeon, Mr Hugh and Mrs Monica Bourn, Mrs Barbara Stephenson, Miss Margaret Bett, Miss Edith Bonner, Miss Beth Bonner, Mr Bernard and Mrs Pat Chambers, Georgina Gibson, Ann Crook, Miss Beryl Bett, Margery Ellis, Paula Birntatt also representing George and Julie Howsen; Mr Robert and Mrs Ann Needham also representing the family; Marjorie Smith, Ray King, A Muszynzki, Mrs Beryl Mason, Mr William Wallis, E Spendlew, Mr Fred Chamberlin also representing the family; Mr and Mrs Mark Crowder, Mr and Mrs Keith Wallis, Sue Forman, Janet Scott also representing the Taylor family; Mr John and Mrs Joan Lee, Trudy Winter also representing John Winter; Mavis Stubbs also representing Sarah Stubbs; Penny Meldrum also representing the Meldrum family; Mr Hedley Needler, Mrs Gill Campion, Louise Todd also representing Mr David Todd; June Sylvester also representing Dulcie Layer; the Rev Paul Fuller, Mr Raymond and Mrs Sandy Wright, Emily Arnold, Penny Littleworth, Mrs Rita Littleworth also representing Miranda and Richard; Marjorie Cordwell, Diane Crawford, Gill Pocock, Mrs Abbott, Mr Graham and Mrs Sylvia Mowbray also representing Mr Richard and Mrs Anne Stamp; Mrs Jean Thompson also representing Mr Denis Thompson and the Donington on Bain Forget Me Not Club; Mr Kevin Wallis also representing Donington on Bain Football Club, Donington on Bain Village Hall Committee and Mrs Linda Forman; Mrs Pam Wallis, Mr David Wallis also representing Mrs Jean Wallis and Mr Frank Wallis; Mrs Maureen Ferguson also representing South Willingham Parish Hall Management Committee and Mr Paul Ferguson; Mrs Lyn Small also representing G.A. Small; Mr Don and Mrs Barbara Briggs, Mrs Audrey South also representing Home Support and the South family; Mr Maurice and Mrs Mollie Hackett, Mrs Ann Crossley, Mrs Doreen Stephenson, Mrs Fran Kingsley, Mr John Sturgeon, Georgina Carter, Mr Richard Needham also representing Mrs Rosemary Needham, Tim Needham and Rachel Needham; Malcolm Shackleton, Mr and Mrs George Johnson, Mrs Sue Dixon also representing Wragby Town Hall Bingo; Jack Oliver, Mr W Clamp also representing Mr Ian and Mrs Sally Selby; Mrs Alice Hodgson, Mr Mike and Mrs Jane Perkins, Mr Denis and Mrs Jean Brader, Mr Colin Good also representing Mrs Beat Carter; Mr David and Mrs Alison Parker, Richard Parker, Mr Norman and Mrs Barbara Hopper, Mr Graham and Mrs Lynne Parkinson, Mr Roger Harrison, Mr Denis and Mrs Janice Ivatt and many others.