Hazel May Broddle

THE thanksgiving service for Hazel May Broddle was held at Nichol Hill Methodist Chapel on Tuesday, February 15.

The service was conducted by The Rev David Newlove.

Hazel was a lovely, cheerful lady who will be greatly missed by her loving family and many friends.

Arrangements were conducted by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services (inc V Walker of Louth)

Mourners: Neville Broddle husband, Hilary Smith daughter, Robin Dunn son-in-law, Corrine Smith granddaughter, Sam Smith grandson, Luke Barton, Rita Ferrier daughter, Michael Ferrier son-in-law, Elliott Ferrier grandson, Barbara Shufflebotham sister, Mr and Mrs John Broddle brother and sister-in-law, Mr and Mrs Robert Grantham brother and sister-in-law, Katie Grantham niece, Daniel Grantham nephew, Mr and Mrs William Grantham brother and sister-in-law, Mr and Mrs John Harrison sister and brother-in-law, David Grantham brother, Mrs J Pratt aunt, Mr and Mrs B Abbott cousin, Janet Grantham sister-in-law, Cliff Grantham uncle (also representing Alice Birkitt), Tracey Allard cousin, Roy and Shirley Jacklin, David Stones, Pete and Gwen Davey, Sheila Collins, Barry and Liz Mountain, Jill Jacklin, Sharon Thompson, Shirley Adlard, Sarah Jones, Gordon Wray, Mr Martin and Mrs Monica Stones, Mrs Shirley Graves, Mrs Jacqueline Toyne, Mr Ian and Mrs Annette Brewell (also representing Madge Houlden), Mr Brian and Mrs Liz Libell, Tony and Viv Craggs, Barry and Pam West, Mr and Mrs D Jaines, (also representing the Jaines and Tozeland family), Norman and Jean Cawkwell, Barry and Janice Merrikin (also representing Deb and Martin Taylor), Maureen Ferrier (also representing Ray Ferrier), Margaret Ottaway, Pam Waumsley, Sharon MacDonald (also representing Glyn and Mrs Lynne Walker), Yvonne Allen (also representing Mabel Manders), David and Margaret Barker, John and Jean Brader, Jean Davey (also representing the Davey family), Angela Wright, Lynette Beaumount, Mr and Mrs J Melton, Graham Harrison, Jane Fields, Pauline Curtis (also representing Jim Curtis), David, Marie and Samantha Brannick, Leo and Mary Cartwright (also representing Melanie), Graham Dean (also representing Gail, John and Christine Dean), James Needley (also representing John Barkers), Alec and Linda, Mr and Mrs Sweeney, Brian and Kath Donner, Mick and Marlene Willoughby, Tom and Shirley Addison, John Glover, Jenny Fogarty, Roger and Heather Miller, Elaine Harness, Michael Gibson, Roy Joass, Roy Wilson, David Rhodes, Michelle Jaines (also representing Audrey Jaines), Sylvia Jaines, Phillip Tamblin, Colin Stirton, Russell and Luke Howard, Lyn Weyham, Sally Bell, John and Sheila Walker, Marion Savage (also representing Stephen Savage), Jane Hutchinson, Mandy Cheeseman, Mr S and Mrs J Day, Angela Simpson, Valerie Tacey, Kevin and Julie Appleby, Derek and Denise Wilson, Colette Dawes, Jackie Robinson, Jack Houlden, Nancy Houlden, Shirley Hollingsworth, Andrea Archer, Mr and Mrs S Howarth, Bev Wright, Martin and Julie Smith, Kevin and Diane Cole, Karen Tate, Brenda Dunbar, Rob Cooper, Andy Harness, Catherine Chappell, John and Mary Harrison, Shirley Vickers, Noreen O’Connor (also representing Lynne Briggs), Richard Fenwick (also representing Kate Fenwick), Derek Wraith (also representing Carol Wraith), Malcolm Dixon, Jayne Bowers-Siddle (also representing Walkers and Lincolnshire Co-operative Ltd), Gordon Stephenson.