Health precautions for Olympic torch visit

THE NHS in Lincolnshire is reminding people of precautions to take when enjoying the Olympic Torch celebrations.

People will be lining the streets to see the Torch as it travels through Louth and surrounding villages on June 27.

To stay safe and healthy during the events and reduce any additional pressure on health services people can make sure they take a number of steps, say NHS Lincolnshire

They said: “For any health care appointments at your local GP, health centre, dentist or hospital ensure that you allow additional travel time due to traffic disruption.

“People with non life threatening health needs will not be treated faster by visiting A&E - A&E stands for Accident and Emergency, not Anything and Everything.”

Dr Sunil Hindocha for NHS Lincolnshire said: “We want people to enjoy the events but during times of celebration it’s easy to forget the simple things we can do to that can help us stay safe and healthy.

“If you need medication, carry it with you at all times and keep it in a secure place. Drink plenty to stay hydrated, if you drink alcohol eat well and drink water or soft drinks between alcoholic drinks so you don’t miss any of the action.

“Use sunscreen to protect your skin from burning, if needed and reduce your risk of falling by wearing sensible footwear.

“Organised events can cause extra pressure on the health service so please be patient with our staff and help us by helping yourself.”