Bling baby dummies warning

PARENTS are being warned against buying jewel encrusted dummies amid concerns that the small gems could choke their child.

Lincolnshire Trading Standards is urging people to avoid the ‘bling’ products, which are covered in small plastic beads or crystals that have been poorly glued on by hand.

Officers are concerned that the jewels, which do not conform to strict child safety standards, could come loose and be inhaled or swallowed.

They also fear that other similarly-decorated products such as baby bottles and dummy clips could be available.

Anyone who comes across these items in a shop or online are asked to contact Lincolnshire Trading Standards on 01522 782341 or

Angela Kane, senior Trading Standards officer, said: “We’re very concerned that people will buy these products, rightly assuming that they are safe – they aren’t. They may look pretty but they are potentially lethal.

“We urge anybody who owns one to get rid of it straight away, and anyone who sees them for sale to contact us. People caught selling ‘bling’ dummies or bottles could face a fine of up to £20,000.”