Care Quality Commission review of Louth Hospital

A report on Louth County Hospital is included in the Care Quality Commission’s first dedicated review of privacy, dignity and nutrition in care homes and hospitals.

The commission’s review of the hospital was published at the end of last year and is amongst 14 hospitals featured in the review.

The review of Louth said: “County Hospital Louth was meeting all the essential standards of quality and safety inspected.

“Patients told us they were treated with dignity and respect. One patient told us, “The slightest thing and they pull the curtains.”

“Patients told us they had choices about the food they ate and we saw they always had water to drink which was put close to them so they could reach. If they missed a meal, staff were able to get food from the kitchen for them at any time. Patients told us they felt safe on the ward and felt confident to speak with staff if they wanted to raise any concerns. Staff on the ward were experienced and patients felt confident in their ability to care for them.

“We saw there were enough staff to meet the patients’ needs. We saw records were stored securely and were fit for purpose.

“Patients were treated with respect, involved in discussions about their care and treatment and able to influence how the service was run.”

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