Exercise referral for medical conditions

PEOPLE in Lincolnshire who have medical conditions which may benefit from exercise are being encouraged to speak to their local GP about what’s on offer in their area.

Lincolnshire Sports Partnership says every district offers Exercise Referral; a programme funded by NHS Lincolnshire and the Health and Wellbeing Fund, and managed by the partnership.

Exercise Referral is a 12 week programme of low, or no, cost physical activity with your very own exercise programme, tailored to improve your quality of life.

Sarah Ferneyhough, Physical Activity Manager at Lincolnshire Sports Partnership, said: “Around 3,000 people are being referred to the programme every year; receiving guidance and support to become more active. Participants are eligible for subsidised rates at leisure centres as well as lots of information on how to improve their help.

“We want to raise awareness of Exercise Referral so that more people in Lincolnshire can ask their GP about how it can benefit them.”

Exercise Referral programmes currently take place at 19 facilities across the county including the Marisco at Mablethorpe with on-going programmes so participants can start at any time.

One member of the Exercise Referral programme said: “The staff were very supportive and encouraged me; I now have a positive outlook on life.”

To be eligible to take part in an exercise referral scheme, participants must have a medical condition such as: Coronary Heart Disease; Cardiovascular Disease; Stroke; High blood pressure (hypertension), high cholesterol and risk factors for CHD; Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes; Obesity; Asthma or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease; Depression, anxiety, stress, or other mental health problems; Learning disabilities; Osteoarthritis; Musculo skeletal problems, such as joint or back problems; Overweight pregnant women; Cancer; Epilepsy or Degenerative diseases.

For more information, call Sarah on 01522 585580 or contact your local GP.