Louth bike mechanic sheds spare tyre to become ‘the greatest loser’

Before and after: Super slimmer Keith Bassington shed over four stones!
Before and after: Super slimmer Keith Bassington shed over four stones!

Shedding a whopping 59lbs meant a Louth bike mechanic had to ditch his old bike leathers, and earned him the 2013 Greatest Loser title at Jane’s Slimming World Group.

Grandad Keith Bassington, a motorcycle instructor and mechanic, declared himself a new man after losing over four stone in just 10 months.

And now Keith is looking forward to a healthier future with his wife Lesley and growing family, and is also looking forward to some sparkling new bike leathers to fit his streamlined new look.

“Now it’s sunk in it feels fantastic, I never really thought I would reach target when I joined but the plan suits men so well,” he said.

“I became a grandad last year so I wanted to be able to run and play football with my grandson and needed to improve my health.

“Some days it was a chore to stand, let alone walk but since losing weight I don’t need pain killers anymore and am a lot more active and living life to the full.

“Now I walk to work instead of drive, walk the dog on my days off, and attend the gym three nights a week. I love exercise; I used to be a couch potato but not anymore.”

The incredible weight-loss earned Keith the title of Greatest Loser at the Louth group for shedding the most weight.

Keith, now a slender 13st, said he feels like a ‘new man’ and is urging other men to take the plunge and join a slimming group.

“Just stay focused and anyone can do it,” he added.

“There are several men in the group, two of them already at target like me and one heading that way fast.

“Once you have got over the first night you can’t wait to go again. I love watching people shrinking before your eyes week by week.”

Now Keith’s biggest hassle is shopping for new clothes, having lost 10 inches off his waist and dropping from a size XXL to a medium.

Slimming World organiser Jane commented: “Keith was such a worthy winner of the Greatest Loser award.

“He is without doubt one of the most focused, determined and dedicated members I know with a lovely team spirit.

“It was the highlight of the year when he agreed to receive his target certificate in his biking leathers to show us all how he’d shrunk!”

Jane’s group meets every Thursday evening at Trinity Centre in Eastgate. For further information about this or the other Slimming World groups in Louth, call 01673 838071.