New focus on ways to improve county’s health

Key recommendations to improve the health of people in Lincolnshire have been put forward by the county’s Director of Public Health.

The Annual Report gives a snapshot of current health challenges and some of the key actions that are underway.

The recommendations in this year’s publications include -

Better use of data and evidence when planning health treatments, for example for cancer and stroke treatment.

Using the recent work into the health needs of people with learning disabilities to help shape services for this vulnerable group of people.

The use of the NHS Health Checks programme to identify people with long-term conditions at an earlier stage so they can be treated more quickly;

Further work to reduce the rates of childhood obesity to prevent increasing levels of adult obesity and the health conditions associated with it.

Dr Tony Hill, Director of Public Health at the county council, said: “Because of the recent transfer of some services from NHS Lincolnshire to the county council, this report aims to help all health organisations to stay focused on working together.

As we go forward, our aim remains- to improve the health and wellbeing of Lincolnshire people.”