Young Gunz in East Lindset

YOUNG Gunz will be flexing their muscles in East Lindsey as a new and fun exercise referral programme is launched.

Government statistics show that 21.4 per cent of children in year six at primary school are classed as obese.

Young Gunz is aimed at those aged between seven and 11 years of age. The programme, which takes place over 12 weeks, will encourage young people to develop healthy lifestyles through sensible eating habits and regular exercise.

On signing up to the programme parents are expected to commit their son or daughter to attend two one hour sessions each week throughout the programme.

Children’s Exercise Referral Specialist, Keely Smith, who runs the programme, explained: “Young Gunz is for those people who are over their ideal weight and want to improve their quality of life. Through the programme we want to show that eating a healthy diet and taking regular exercise can be fun.”

Young Gunz sessions take place across in Alford, Horncastle, Louth, Mablethorpe and Skegness from September 12.

For more information on the Young Gunz Programme visit or to sign up contact Keely on 01507 601111 or e-mail