Heartbreak as Demi’s family launch ‘bucket list’

Demi Knight, pictured with mum Mel.
Demi Knight, pictured with mum Mel.

The family of 12-year-old Louth girl Demi Knight, who is battling cancer, has revealed they are now focusing on fulfilling her ‘bucket list’ after recent scans showed that her treatment has not been successful.

In a heartbreaking Facebook post yesterday (Wednesday), Mel Knight explained that her daughter’s health has deteriorated following a recent battle with flu, and explained that her family are having to make some ‘incredibly hard decisions’ to give Demi the best quality of life.

Demi Knight, pictured with mum Mel.

Demi Knight, pictured with mum Mel.

Mel said: “The last couple of weeks have all been a bit of a blur. Bad MRI results and Demi fighting the flu has taken its toll.

“The clinic have come to the conclusion that the tumours in Demi’s brain are not the same as in the spine.

“It is now believed the cancer genes have mutated and the cancer in the brain is different to in the spine, which explains why the spine tumours are no longer growing but the ones in the brain are.

“The tumours in the brain are in the centre, and it is not fair or feasible to put Demi through another operation to obtain a biopsy.

“We have tried everything we can to find alternative treatment options and trials for Demi with no luck as of yet.

“The clinic have suggested putting Demi on Atengenal as well as the treatment she is already on. The problem we have is the treatment they want to add in is what Demi was initially put on - her body couldn’t tolerate it and she became very poorly, and that is when Demi’s health was in better condition.

“Now Demi’s health has deteriorated further we still believe her body will not tolerate it. Even if Demi’s body does tolerate it, her organs will not.

“It will not cure Demi, it will prolong her life, which currently she isn’t enjoying. She is miserable, fed up, and incredibly skinny after her battle with the flu.”

Mel concluded: “The family and Demi are now having to make some incredibly hard decisions as to what will give Demi the best quality of life and happiest life possible.

“We will not be shutting down the GoFundMe (fundraising web page) yet.

“But if you wish to donate please be aware that your money may not be spent on treatment - it may be spent on helping us fulfil Demi’s bucket list.

“We thank you all for your continued support.”

Well-wishers have already donated hundreds of pounds in the last 24 hours, following Mel’s announcement.

• If you wish to make a donation, visit www.gofundme.com/Demi-knight-cancer-treatment-fund.